Han Kim

Han Kim

Managing Director, Altos Ventures


Managing Director and co-founder of Altos Ventures, VC and RIA with more than $10B in regulatory AUM.

Key Quotes

“When we make a decision to engage in a follow-up funding round for our portfolio startups, the most critical factor is the entrepreneur’s capability to bring in more talent, along with the courage to remove employees or board members who are unfit to pursue the company goal.”
“Entrepreneurs in our portfolio startups discuss with us when they get stuck over people,” he said. ‘I know it is a tough decision, especially when they are giving a pink slip to someone with personal bond.’”

“He recalled that his turning point in life was when he served in US Military Academy camp at West Point. In the group, each person had different skills and it was his job to combine them, so that they can work together for the same goal as a team. ‘It goes same for the startups. As a CEO you should know how to harmonize the team members for the vision of the company.’”


Managing Director

Altos Ventures

1996 - Present


Booz Allen & Hamilton

1994 - 1996



1993 - 1993


United States Army Corps of Engineers

1987 - 1992